Paper is a passion. As a media or the message itself, it can be written, painted, folded, glued, cut. It accepts images, words, embellishments of all sorts. I learned how to make paper from scratch in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in a workshop taught inside a museum. It was a very rewarding experience. I also learned how to make origamic architecture - cuts and folds becoming structures. The leap for scrapbook was easy and amazing. Due to my previous knowledge in various art techniques, design, photography, and my personal passion for writing, I was awarded Honorable Mention with my very first scrapbooking project, and then, invited to be part of the Design Team of the worldwide acclaimed Brazilian website on paper arts, ScrapbookBrasil. Then I became part of their creative team, being the Designer coordinator for their subsequents design teams and mentor for various artists. I was published in books, magazines, international websites, international magazines, social media outlets, had an Interview for an online magazine and was invited to exhibit my work and to develop the first online class about Design in Scrapbook in Portuguese.

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