Receita digital/Digital Recipe

This is my first digital attempt. Ok, ok, not a big deal, but it is for me. I'd love to learn how to play with Photoshop (in my case, Photoshop Elements) and everytime I tried by myself, just following a tutorial, I've lost interest.
But when I have a challenge... oh my... this is my way to learn!
The page is quite simple - it is a Christmas recipe page, so clutter is not welcome.
Paper from Jessica Sprague, brush from Lettering Delight.
The recipe is yummy, I'll try to translate it here.

Paulista Pie (Paulista is how we call people from Sao Paulo, the State where I was born, in Brazil)
4 egg yolks
150gr (or 2/3 cup, or 5.30 oz) of butter
250gr (or 1 cup and 1/3) of sugar
20 oz (600ml) heavy cream
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups of roasted grounded peanuts (or walnuts)
2 or 3 packages of Maria biscuits(*)

Beat yolks, sugar and butter until it become "white". Add heavy cream, vanilla and half of peanuts.
On a large dish make layers with the biscuits and the peanut cream. The last layers must be the cream, then sprinkle with the remaining peanuts. Keep refrigerated.

(*) The original recipe calls for a brazilian biscuit called "maisena", but you can use Maria (from Goya)biscuits instead. They can be found on spanish aisles at the supermarket. If using Maria, break them in half and put little bit less sugar on the recipe, since these biscuits are quite sweet. The brazilian Maisena biscuit can be found on portuguese and brazilian supermarkets, sometimes some latin american ones too.

Once for a birthday I decided not making the "pie" inside a dish; instead, I wrapped alluminum foil around the bottom and up the sides of a loaf pan, layered everything there, put on the refrigerator for a few hours then unmold on a plate, covering with some cream left aside for that and the peanuts. Looks beautiful and you can decorate with shapes made of cookie dough, or just leave it plain.

Do you like to cook? I love recipes and if you have something to share, let me know!

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Esta eh a minha primeira tentativa de scrap digital. Ok, nao eh la grande coisa, mas pra mim eh! :D Eu sempre quis aprender a usar o Photoshop (no meu caso, o Photoshop Elements), mas sempre que tentava seguir algum tutorial eu desanimava.
Mas quando ha um desafio... ah, esta eh o meu jeito de aprender!
A pagina eh bem simples - por ser uma troca de receitas, nao queria que ficasse muito poluida.
Papel Jessica Sprague, brush Lettering Delights.

A receita eh uma delicia (clique para amplia-la).
Recentemente eu parei de faze-la em uma travessa. Ao inves disso, eu forro uma forma de bolo ingles com papel aluminio, monto o pave la dentro, coloco na geladeira e depis desenformo em um prato, cobrindo com um pouco de creme reservado para isso e salpicando o amendoim. Fica bem bonito, e eventualmente voce pode decorar com formas (estrelas, coracoes) feitos de massa de cookie. Ou deixar simples.

Voce gosta de cozinhar? Eu adoro receitas, e se voce tiver alguma para dividir comigo, por favor, me avise!

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