A logo is a design that brings the message a company wants to share with the market - how they want to be perceived and recognized, what their business is about. The right colors, the right font - every detail is important.

pret-a-partay logo final c site DARKER.png


An online store of handmade party supplies and decor.



Buzios Market NYC

The customer needed to update a 30-years-old logo, showing a modern, relaxed and fun idea about their business related to Brazilian products.

O Guia de NY

Débora Mendonça

The customer, a beauty artist, asked me to use an antique mirror as part of her new logo, keeping a sense of elegance. 


Website of two very talented crafters, where they show a variety of crafts using mainly paper and fabric. They asked me to use their favorite colors, that also reflects their style - romantic but at the same time, modern and fun.

My Brazilian Kitchen by Chef Paty

A project of a Brazilian Chef based in the USA. Details to come.


During an online class about design I had to develop a project and its logo. The project - a sample book of patterned papers - got a certification with distinction from U-Penn/Coursera. This is the logo, that reflects the product.

Happy And

Crafter's blog. The customer asked for a blue bicycle carrying some books and craft materials.

Divine Brigadeiro

Divine Brigadeiro

Brigadeiros are Brazilian traditional "truffles" made with chocolate. Today, a variety of new flavors is available, such as pistachio and strawberry. The customer asked for a more delicate and elegant logo. I played with their colors and the classic format the candy is presented, with a hand drawn font to bring the idea of a handmade product.

Language Studio

Logo made back in 2007 for a English language consultant. The idea of the circle is about the group, and the handmade typography to show the human factor.

Artes de Criança ("kid's arts")

My first attempt of a logo using computer, almost a game I played. This is a logo of a kid's art studio I owned back in 2003. I lost the original file, I would love to reduce the brightness of this green =)